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Necromunda: Underhive

It's back! :D

Gangfight 2017 + 40,000

Hey all! Been loving the vacation so far. The weather has been beautiful, the people have been amazing, and my dogs are getting more exercise! I got a sunburn at the beach, but that's mostly because I thought I could beat the sun at it's own game. I was wrong. In any case, here's some amazing news (a bit late but I have to talk about it!)

It's coming back! This has been such amazing news! The models that the Warhammer Community website have posted are fantastic, and really bring the uniqueness of the each gang to life. I like that they are doing Escher and Goliath. Both have really cool and different mechanics and visual style. It should give a nice balance. Here are some pics from the Warhammer Community site, Dakkadakka, and War of Sigmar.

A couple of rumours I've read so far are that Necromunda will be released this year, with all the gangs (old ones) re-released in glorious plastic within 12 months. Following that, Adeptus Titanicus and then Battlefleet: Heresy. All of those sound incredibly awesome, especially if you're as infatuated with this universe as I am. I think I have a problem.

Lastly, the good part. Some details. Enjoy!

  • Release schedule akin to how Blood Bowl is (sidenote, Elves coming soon!)
  • Rules will be based on 8th Edition Mechanics but tailored to skirmish warfare
  • Action Points are a thing, akin to space hulk. The example given is activating a Heavy will cost two points whereas a normal Ganger will cost one.
  • While I'm hoping for additional terrain, that's unlikely as the Specialist Games studio doesn't have the same resources to allow Necromunda specific stuff
  • There will be rules for gangways, ramps, gantries, and also tunnels!
  • All the original gangs will return, plus the ones from Outlanders & Fanatic. New gangs will also be made available at some point with some expansion of the fluff of Necromunda

Man, am I every pumped for this release! I have my Khorne army to finish when I'm back from vacation, then a Space Marine army to start (and finish), then my worktable is technically freed up to work on terrain or something else. Although we will be moving provinces so that might take up a bit of time.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from you! Are you excited about this release? Let us know in the comments below.

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