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sneaky... like a fox!

             What's going on behind the scenes?

The gears keep turning...

I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you a few points of behind the scenes as we get this ball rolling. It's been no easy task to get all this stuff organized and ready to go and if I'm being completely honest, I'm flying by the seat of my pantaloons!

But that's okay. I appreciate all the positive feedback I've been getting from everyone. It's great to know that people are interested in helping me turn this dream into a reality.

So the other day we wanted to get some pictures up on the site because let's be real, I could describe everything until I'm blue in the face but that's boring and I don't want a wall of text to crit you in the face. Except for blog posts. Pictures say a thousand words, right? Anyway so my makeshift gaming table has proven itself on a few battles already. Space is at a premium here what with all the photography equipment, baby toys, and everyday nonsense, so I had to think of a way to cleverly make a gaming table.

Turns out, it was pretty simple. My kitchen table is 3.5' x 5' which is just a bit too short on either end. My solution was to buy three 2'x4' sections of MDF pegboard (light and sturdy) and lay them on the table.

"But Jeff!" I hear you say. "Won't that scratch your table?"

Well yeah. But that's what a table cloth and a non-slip mat is for. I just throw those on there (often neglecting the table cloth portion), drop the boards on there, lay down the gaming mat and we're good to go! Super easy to deploy and put away as well. I just hide everything under the couch and it's almost like it was never there. Sneaky!

To take the pictures, we didn't really do anything super fancy. Just put the terrain and models in cool places and played around with the positioning and depth of field. I really need to buy Amy a macro lens one day (she keeps reminding me to do this). For some of the pictures, we even added a bit of light by way of camera phone light. This added some really cool effects that you can see on some of the pictures, most notably some of the Emperor's Children. Over time we will experiment with more cool lighting effects and maybe if I get super crazy, some dry ice for fog and haze.

Well that's it for now. Tomorrow I'll let you in on a fun secret regarding some of the plans we have! Should be quite the thrilling adventure, if I don't say so meself!

Farewell for now!

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