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The Temporary Workspace

Subtle, but effective!

No space? No problem!

Hey everyone!

As some of you know, we have traversed provinces and are now living in beautiful Nova Scotia! We are currently living in a temporary location with minimal space and I've been dying to get my paint on.

Some people travel a lot or have minimal space to work with. A lot of the same principals from my previous post on managing your workspace still apply, just smaller!

With the introduction of the Citadel Painting Mat to catch spills and whatnot, I figured I should pick one up so I can get on with my hobbying. A couple quick notes on the mat itself... first and most important: it is NOT a cutting mat! I mean, you can use it as one, but you'll have to replace it after one go, so I would advise against it. With that out of the way, it is of good quality, looks pretty, and for the most part lays flat. Mine is new and a bit warped but I feel as though it will flatten out over time.

So there's a couple of minor additions you should consider when making your painting area in minimal space.

  • Remember that it's not permanent! I wouldn't recommend major painting projects
  • I don't have space for my airbrush/compressor, so for priming purposes I will be going old school spray paint outside. Also, if you plan on doing any airbrush work in your mini-space, you're going to have to take that into layout consideration as well
  • As you can see in the picture below, I am maximizing my space by using my (also temporary) computer desk. Try to make use of space you are already using. The added benefit of having it right here is that, well, it's right here! ALWAYS TAUNTING ME! I also have ready access to the interweb for all my music needs. Also if you're looking for a great pair of headphones, the ones that you can see in the picture are absolutely amazing (thanks, Dad!)
  • I have all my hobby tools laid out in front, but to be honest, they are unnecessary. I don't plan on doing much building/converting, but you never know. If you DO plan on modelling, I would recommend adding a mini cutting mat as well. Just pop that on your painting mat when you have to cut/file stuff for easier cleanup and added protection
  • Cleanup is another aspect that I am rather particular about and with a smaller space, it becomes even more important, especially if you're using that space for something else like PC gaming!
  • Be minimalistic and only take out what you need. I have my paints tucked away and will only take out what I need so I don't have 4 million paint pots littering my desk
  • Your water cup. Especially here, I would recommend against using a mug that you potentially drink out of. I picked up the Citadel Water Pot and this thing is the perfect size. 
The layout whilst not in use
Painting time!
You might also be wondering about the Citadel Project Box. I haven't had any experience with it so I can't really comment on it, but it certainly looks like a good tool to have if you travel a lot. This article is more of 'I have the things already, here's a way to apply them'.
Now that we've set up our area, it's time to start painting! :D
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